Top 10 Viral Videos Of 2019 : Must Watch

As the year is nearing its end, we are counting down our picks on most watched videos of 2019. For this list we looked at videos that topped view counts, while being published within this year itself. We are basing our listings on popularity, thanks to online sharing. Lets head over to the list of this years top viral videos.

1. Daddy Yankee & Snow : Con Calma – 1.5 Billion views

The top pick on this list is of course a music video, making it to the most watched video of this year. This music video was released in the beginning of this year. The song topped charts world wide and also went on to feature in various top 10 lists of 2019 music.

viral video 1

2. Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello : Senorita – 794 million views

The way song is shot is no less than the melody itself. Making this one to watch over and over again.

viral video 2

3. BTS Boy With Luv – 625 million views

In this hit, unique choreography is to watch out for. The Infectious track and featuring artists culminates into this serious hit.

viral video 3

4. The Boo Boo Song – 555 million views

Most of the videos from this series has views in millions, but this particular video is a special one. It has clearly resonated with people around world as it has over half billion views in a matter of few months. Featuring fun and innocent premise that one can get easily sucked into.

viral video 4

5. Diana and Roma Playing with Toy Blocks – 216 Million views

Who would have thought that kids having fun with toys will generate this many views. Something about this video made it a hit with viewers. Must see video of 2019 becoming one of the greatest viral videos

viral video 5

6. Youtube Rewind 2018 : Everyone Controls Rewind – 183 million views

Memorable compilation of multiple youtube stars propelled this video to new levels of fame.

viral video 6

7. Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House And Fish Pond For Red Fishes – 156 million views

Making it to number 7 spot is this cute puppies rescue video, featuring a mud house being made in a wild setting. Creation of a very interesting puppy house with a fish pond makes it a must watch video.

viral video 7

8. Coca Cola And Mentos Experiment – 131 million views

Having an experiment carried out isn’t a bad way to score more views. The clip explores the idea of, what happens when coca cola meets mentos. Click on to watch what happens.

viral video 8

9. Animoji : Lil Nas X – Old Town Road feat Billy Ray Cyrus – 83 million views

Thanks to some insane animation and emoji amalgamation. Courtesy of the sizzling track this video has steadily climbed the view charts to have a little less than 100 million views.

viral video 9

10. Lisa On Demand – 79 million views

Whatever the reason, this lisa on demand video went on to garner most views from the entire video series.

viral video 10