Improve your mood, sleep and overall well being 😃 with massage + Check out 👍 certified massage therapists near you.

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Stress is an inevitable part of everybody’s life, all the difference lies in how a person manages stress. So, it is wise to put stress coping mechanisms in place so that we have a strong even in face of unwanted stressful happenings.

The “international journal of neuroscience” published an article that reported massage has the ability to reduce cortisol levels by up to 30 percent. Cortisol is a stress hormone, that is released during times of stress which leads to increase in blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, respiration and muscle tension.

Massage increases good hormones that promote sense of calm and well being. Massage alone has been shown to take stress levels down a few notches. Massage therapy is now seen as alternative wellness treatment for pain and stress management.

Massage Benefits

Massage is no longer an indulgence, it is an investment for maintaining your well being. However it can be turned into a luxurious soothing experience.

Conditions that are helped with massage therapy are carpal tunnel, sciatica, tension headaches, whiplash, torticollis, myofascial pain, sore muscles, muscle injury. Check out with your health care provider about which specific massage will help you with your given condition.

Massage increases productivity and concentration

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Improves sleep

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Enhances exercise and sports performance

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Improves mood

Removes fatigue and reduces anxiety, as it calms the nervous system and relaxes the body

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Maintain tissue health with once a month massage session

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Relieves cramped muscles

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Improves flexibility and range of motion

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Helps to improve bad posture

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Correct alignment of human body in standing posture for good personality and healthy of spine and bone. Health care and medical illustration

Massage Service : How to find legit massage center

It is important to find board certified massage therapists to protect yourself from bumping into any kind of unethical practices at the massage place, which are much prevalent these days.

Board certification is the highest credential in the massage profession. They must complete 750 hours of approved schooling, have to pass a licensing exam and prove themselves on highest standards of how to massage. They often have continuing education to keep themselves updated with latest standards.

Most importantly, they require to have there background check, sign an agreement for ethical practice. To enjoy massage spa near you that is safe and professional, check out the list of board certified massage therapist listed for USA and Worldwide.

Can Massage help with abs ?

Celebrities like kim kardashian, bella hadid does credit lymphatic massage to benefit there looks. While it can’t transform your flabby tummy into taught 8 pack abs but it can definitely enhance the look of abs considerably. Providing contouring, definition and reduced water weight. Also, feel and look better with numerous other massage benefits.